Alice Terry Elementary School

Dec. 14, 2000 -SHERIDAN, CO – The struggle to find money to pay for safety improvements at Alice Terry Elementary School ended this week when entrepreneur Troy Lowrie donated $150,000 to the fund.

“We are now secure, and Mr. Lowrie is a big part of that,” said school principal Annie Willis. Troy Lowrie has previously donated stocks to help replace the Columbine High School library.

“In this case, I fell in love with the Alice Terry project,” Lowrie said after the Tuesday donation. “They don’t have sidewalks or a place to drop off children . . . and they had no money to work on safety.”

Willis has led the school district’s efforts to collect enough money to pay for $250,000 in safety improvements aimed at making sure children are safe. The project will pay for renovations to the front of the school, create a visitor parking area and provide an off-street area where parents can drop off their children at the school entrance. Currently, parents often find themselves double-parking in front of the school, then leaving the children standing in the street, Willis said.

The project also will level a small hill and landscaping that obscures the views of teachers as they watch over the children, Willis said.

Tragedy struck two years ago when a first-grader was abducted from the front of the school, located at 4485 S. Irving St., while her mother watched helplessly across the street. The girl was returned home two hours later.

A convicted pedophile was later found guilty of luring the girl into his car with the offer of a dollar. He then sexually assaulted her.

In March, Willis kicked off a drive for the Safe Child project with a brick-selling plan.

Several community fund-raisers brought in $32,000. Arapahoe County awarded $43,000 in federal grant money. But it was the gift from the Lowrie Family Foundation that put the project nearly over the top, Willis said.

Willis called Lowrie a gentleman who wants his children, ages 3 to 5, to see that “you give back to your community.”

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